7 sultans

A Better World

Building a better world can be a distant possibility. But we can start closing the gap if we do it now, and do it with purpose relentlessness and determination.

These are suggestions and quite like a laundry list. Some of them require specific ways of how to operationalize and they are not given. Also, there are no proofs these to-do list have worked anywhere or at anytime, but the intent is clear: we want a better world in which all of us may live.

So here is my list:

  1. Let’s check our biases and our manners. Let prejudice and deceit evaporate from our midst. Let us try to live without having the need to be envious of others and too proud of ourselves.
  2. Minimize self-centeredness and greed, and we are on our way to creating a better world. This also means moderation in all things we desire.
  3. If we cannot avoid violence there is a place for it. Let’s pour this aggression and excessive energy on sports and lovemaking.
  4. Stamp out poverty and disease. Let us promote a world order that properly compensate workers for their labor. Let the rich spare some of their wealth for more study that would give rise to the cure of AIDS and elimination of malaria. Let us raise a healthier, livelier and better world.
  5. Let us share our wealth to others. Better yet, let us give to others what all of us have, like a firm hand shake and a happy and genuine disposition. A smile cost little but it means the world to a lonely and hurting man.
  6. If we are struggling with our livelihood, let us persevere. If we are on top, Let us try to give others the opportunity they need to get ahead in life.
  7. As a member of a community, we can help raise the standard of governance by paying our taxes while asserting our rights as citizens. Altogether we can get rid of corruption in public transactions if no one decides to be party to it.

The way to a better world is both an individual and collective responsibility.