7 sultans

Acts of Kindness

With the current recession in the world acts of kindness are even more important than ever before. Living life giving without expecting to receive will be rewarded in more ways then just one. People who live this way are normally happier than selfish people. I hear all the time people always saying that nothing ever goes their way, or life is just easy for some and not for them. Is it possible that the people who breeze through life are kind hearted and do things for others without expecting something in return? Some people are naturally giving type people, giving food to people in need, handing change to those who stand on corners asking for help, stopping to give a helping hand to someone who is stranded, all of which are acts of kindness.

Years ago neighbors were closer, always willing to help each other out. It is to bad we have gotten away from this and don’t take the time to be a kind person. lets try and give a helping hand to people in need at these trying times.