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Propagate Peace: A Possible Dream

A friend posted on his Facebook wall: “Peace, what is it?”

“A world free of war and poverty, that’s peace,” somebody commented.

From we have one definition:  Peace is a state of harmony between people or groups; freedom from strife.

And a more or less similar definition is offered by  a state of quiet or tranquility, like freedom from civil disturbance or a state of security or order within communities provided for by laws or customs.

Thus there is no doubt, as the old saying goes, peace is something to be devoutly wished. But the question is: how do we make peace?

Mother Theresa of Calcutta (1910-1997) said peace is the fruit of love, or something to that effect. If we make love, we make peace. We propagate love; we propagate peace.

India’s Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) once said that people may live in peace only if they make a firm resolve to live in peace. Yet for how long have people been failing and at fault by not being able to make up their minds? In the past century, the world has plunged itself into depths of misery with two world wars, and more conflicts between and among nations. We add the civil wars that marred generations within countries and the overall picture is one that makes cynics out of people not inclined enough to propagate peace.

It is hard to blame them. Instead of living in peace, millions ended up resting in peace. Bloody wars have been one biggest single cause of mortality among the world’s living species. They are the ugliest of all mad-made disasters that have assaulted the earth, ever. War is man’s worst invention yet. The insanity behind its being is beyond comprehension, and yet the killings persist. Why? Oscar Wilde suspected that war will have its fascinations for as long as it is viewed as evil. Nevertheless, let everyone regard war as a criminal act, regardless of how people may justify it, said Ernest Hemingway.

And so the search for peace must continue. The ways to propagate peace must live. The dream has to endure.

Dr. Zeenat Shaukat Ali, writing in “Winning the Peace: a Quest,” said that living in a peaceful world still remains as the biggest challenge facing the human race.  And peace is not only about a world without wars. Peace is also about a world without hunger and poverty, as the Facebook comment suggested. World leaders have pledged years ago to eradicate from the face of the earth poverty as one of the key points in what came to be known as Millennium Development Goals. And yet, as time for accounting of what have come out of those pledges nears, about one-fifth of the world’s population still lives with less than a dollar a day.

People are dying not only because of bloody conflicts but also because of hunger.

People need to dream, reflect and act together, as one global community, because “We Are The World,” as Michael Jackson’s hit song reminds us. And the world needs to propagate peace.

A Better World

Building a better world can be a distant possibility. But we can start closing the gap if we do it now, and do it with purpose relentlessness and determination.

These are suggestions and quite like a laundry list. Some of them require specific ways of how to operationalize and they are not given. Also, there are no proofs these to-do list have worked anywhere or at anytime, but the intent is clear: we want a better world in which all of us may live.

So here is my list:

  1. Let’s check our biases and our manners. Let prejudice and deceit evaporate from our midst. Let us try to live without having the need to be envious of others and too proud of ourselves.
  2. Minimize self-centeredness and greed, and we are on our way to creating a better world. This also means moderation in all things we desire.
  3. If we cannot avoid violence there is a place for it. Let’s pour this aggression and excessive energy on sports and lovemaking.
  4. Stamp out poverty and disease. Let us promote a world order that properly compensate workers for their labor. Let the rich spare some of their wealth for more study that would give rise to the cure of AIDS and elimination of malaria. Let us raise a healthier, livelier and better world.
  5. Let us share our wealth to others. Better yet, let us give to others what all of us have, like a firm hand shake and a happy and genuine disposition. A smile cost little but it means the world to a lonely and hurting man.
  6. If we are struggling with our livelihood, let us persevere. If we are on top, Let us try to give others the opportunity they need to get ahead in life.
  7. As a member of a community, we can help raise the standard of governance by paying our taxes while asserting our rights as citizens. Altogether we can get rid of corruption in public transactions if no one decides to be party to it.

The way to a better world is both an individual and collective responsibility.

Helping Others

There are all sorts of science fiction stories about moving to Mars or living on some other better world that is a currently unknown planet, but as of right now, this world is the only one we have, which is why it’s so important to make sure that we take care of it. Unfortunately unlike most cultures that came before us, most of our generation seems to feel that the earth will always replenish itself, and that we’ll always have ample water and food. This is far from the truth, and is something that we need to recognize. If you want to have a better world, not only for us but also for our children, it’s important that we start taking steps to ensure that it stays healthy.

Helping Others
One of the best ways to get the world to be a better place isn’t to do good and eco-friendly things yourself, even though this is a good thing, but to spread the word to others. If you work on power saving measures, such as shutting off lights when you leave the world and switching to energy efficient bulbs, you’re saving a small piece of the world. Imagine how much you could change if you convinced twenty people to do the same thing, and if those twenty people convinced twenty more people. Before you know it you’ll have an army of people who are trying to create a better world.
But when you’re trying to convince other people to do things like try eco food or trying to teach them how making better terra is important, you have to be careful. If you push too hard they’ll simply think that you’re one of those “crazy” people who wants to change everyone and everything that they see. Instead of being pushy you have to be friendly and suggestive. Show them how much better your life is by doing things that can propagate peace and that can create a better world. Let them see how much your light bill goes down when you put in energy efficient light bulbs or how huge your garden grows when you make your own fertilizer. Once people start to realize how much better your life is, and how much you’re helping the earth, they’ll start to make little changes as well, which can truly make an impact on the world. By simply helping them to see how you’ve made a change, you’ll convince them to create a better world as well.